Memorial Trophies

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AMKA has had many dedicated, and popular, Drivers over the years. Several of our trophies that we race for are dedicated to those who touched the lives of all who knew them.

Harry Harnish Memorial Trophy; Fall Classic

Harry Harnish was the Sponsor of Hubbards Club Driver, Paul Hogue. They had a long standing agreement that allowed Harry to drive Paul’s Kart in one of the ‘Heat’ Races each Race weekend. In 1984, Harry finished his race, walked over and sat on a cooler and, sadly, suffered a Heart Attack. The Trophy was added in his memory soon after.

Deke Cameron Memorial Trophy

Deke was a a first year Junior driver who had an unbelievable passion for the sport. Those who were with the club when he was there, tell of a young racer who couldn’t wait to get to the track! Deke died in an accident in 1993. His Family asked that all donation in his memory go to AMKA. The ‘Deke Cameron Memorial Trophy’ has been raced for in his honour, ever since.

Sansom Cup

David Sansom was a Senior Driver who drove with AMKA in the late ’90’s. He also counted flying as one of his hobbies. He and his Brother, Keith, died tragically in 1999, when the small plane they were flying crashed just outside Bridgewater. The Family asked that all donations in his memory go to AMKA. The Trophy was created in his Memory, that season.

Don Nickerson Memorial Trophy

Don Nickerson was a founding member of AMKA and owner/operator of Don’s Kart Pitstop. Don’s smiling face was a fixture at the track for over 25 years, as a member, a businessman and a fan, all rolled up in one. His dedication to the sport was second to none. Besides the support he provided, he was a proud Family man, cheering on both his Son’s, Glenn and Barry, and then his Grandson, Cameron. Don passed away in the Spring, 2012. He will be missed.