How to get into Karting

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There is no denying it, karting is a thrilling and rewarding sport. Whether you are looking to drive fast and have a good time, or view karting as the first step in a racing career, the Atlantic Motorsport Karters Association has a place for you. Regardless of your objectives, you will find, as in any new sport or activity, karting has its unique challenges and complexities.

AMKA is the only organization in Nova Scotia which promotes and organizes outdoor kart racing. Our club is dedicated to introducing new participants to the sport and operates under the rigid safety and technical guidelines mandated by the governing body ASN Canada FIA.

There are a number of recommended steps to follow, to become involved with karting;

1. Come out and watch us !

Contact us or just show up at one of our events. If we know you are coming we will be ready to show you around, meet some of the members and get a closeup look at what goes on during an event. We are happy to welcome you in and answer all your questions.

2. Try it!

If you think this might just be for you, we will make arrangements to get you in a kart to do some laps behind one of our experienced racers. There is usually a member willing to lend their equipment for a few laps to attract new members to the sport we are so passionate about. A small fee and some paperwork and we will attempt to get you on the track at the end of the race event.

3. Become an AMKA Member – Annual membership dues include the following:

Voting privileges at regularly scheduled club meetings reviewing current issues related to club administration, regulations.
Racing school, graduates of this school are qualified to make application for kart racing licenses.
on track race school. We will get you out on the track with one of our veteran drivers for guidance and instruction.

3. Select the class that is right for you.

Kart classes are determined by driver age, weight, engine. There are classes for children, starting at 8 years of age, to those for adults from 16 and older.

AMKA presently offers Briggs and Stratton race program. These 4-cycle classes are the most cost effective form of kart racing and are where the majority of new drivers begin racing. They require low maintenance and require a smooth driving technique. Don’t be fooled though, these karts a quick and provide plenty of g-force.

The following is a list of current AMKA classes:
CLASS AGE/Weight w/kart ENGINE

Novice Age 8-11 / 250lbs Briggs LO206
Junior Age 11-15 / 300lbs Briggs LO206 (Jr Config)
Senior Age 15+ / 340lbs Briggs LO206 (Sr Config)
Masters Age 30+/ 375lbs Briggs LO206 (Sr Config)

4. Acquire the appropriate equipment. Here is a list of recommended equipment and approximate prices:

Kart and engine
New Kart Chassis start at approximately $3,500
Used Kart Chassis start at approximately $1,000
4 stroke engines start at approximately $650
Driver equipment
SNELL 2005 rated helmets start at approximately $150
Note: Snell 2005 will expire end 2018 so minimum Snell 2010 is recommended
Abrasion resistant suits start at approximately $150
Rib protector, support collar, gloves, driving boots totaling approximately $200
Tools and support equipment
Kart stand
Tool box with basic tools
Assortment of drive train gears, engine jetting, miscellaneous spare parts and consumable items

We are happy to assist new members in sourcing the equipment needed to get into the sport. In Nova Scotia, Don’s Kart Pitstop is the place to start. They offer new karts as well as a line on good used gear.

Other pre owned equipment is also available locally through the classified section on this website.

5. Set realistic goals. Many AMKA competitors have been racing for many years, and have learned the nuances of karting along the way. It will take more than a few races to achieve this level of competitiveness. Our members are very family oriented and are happy to assist newcomers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but as in anything, asking the same question to various people may result in different answers! In order to avoid confusion it is best at first to try to limit your source of information to one or two experts.

6. Work on your kart. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Although a kart may appear complex and intimidating at first, most participants quickly learn to maintain and prepare their own kart.

7. Practice! At present we are limited to pre-race practice and limited Test and Tune sessions in our schedule. Come prepared and take advantage. Many of the younger drivers hone their skills through popular gaming systems or online racing leagues.

8. Know the Rules. ASN Canada FIA Sporting and Technical regulations, as well as AMKA Supplementary regulations and club bylaws are available on the AMKA website.

9. Visit the AMKA Website. Check the site frequently for news, upcoming events, competitor information and technical updates. It is your best source of information for Karting in Nova Scotia.

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