ARMS Executive Positions need to be Filled

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ARMS Positions need to Filled

Hi folks; as a member club of ARMS we have a vested interest in its success and what follows is an important update on the ARMS executive.

As a reminder ARMS (Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc.) is the governing body of amateur motor sport within Atlantic Canada appointed by ASN Canada FIA, the national sporting authority of Canada.

ARMS current President, Dave Hull, is stepping down this year. After a great many years of representing ARMS, we thank you and wish you the best in your future endeavors! The role of President will be vacant at this year’s AGM and needs to be filled.

From the ARMS executive:
There will be 5 positions open this year within ARMS .
I urge you all to take the two roles of President and Secretary very seriously. These are/will be vacant positions that need to be filled. Dave (who will then hold the position of Past President) and myself will need two more people to ensure that we have an arms executive to maintain a properly run region. Please consider yourself or another candidate for these positions.

If you or someone you know are interested in any of these five (5) positions, please contact our Nominating Committee Stu O’Connor,, Dave Hull,, and Cathy Partridge,

For more details on the open positions view:



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