Reminder of the AMKA on-line Apparel Shop

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Might be in Time for Xmas

Hi all
I have spoken a couple of times about our online shopping portalĀ and this seems like a good time to speak to it again.
I recently received the notification below from Entripy shops encouraging us to generate sales to boost our clubs visibility and to receive a 10% royalty from additional sales once we reach the $1000 target

Dear Bob,

Boost Your Sales and Start Getting Rebates! To date, your shop Atlantic Motorsport Karting Association has $ 101.00 in total sales this reporting period (ending November 30th). Once your shop reaches $1000 in sales, you will earn a 10% rebate on additional sales. With the holidays approaching and just one week before the rebate period closes, now is a perfect time to encourage your members to purchase Atlantic Motorsport Karting Association spirit wear and start collecting your 10% rebate!

The deadline to place orders in time for delivery by Christmas is Sunday, December 3rd.