Hot Pit Reminder for All Events

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Hello everyone!

Our Test and Tunes are in the bag and real racing is fast approaching.

There are new faces in the pits which is amazing to see ! The Rookie school went well with lots of great practice laps happening.

The atmosphere was very laid back, but we will be looking to enforce a very critical rule for all events.

‘HOT PIT’ Restrictions

Only Members and Associate members are allowed in the ‘Hot Pit’ area. This is the area at the top of the track where the karts gather to form the grid. It gets very congested in this area and there are karts constantly moving in and out. This is a safety and insurance issue, so please respect this rule.

Family/ Friends/ Spectators can watch from the grassy area behind the track wall. If there is a need for someone other than a member or associate to be in the ‘Hot pit or track area’, it is at the discretion of the Race Director. (ie, for volunteer duties such as scaling or infield during Cadet practices and races)

Other Notes:

CADET Volunteers

This brings us to the need to have volunteers in the infield during the times that the Cadet Division drivers are on track. These drivers are to remain in their karts in the event of an incident or if they stall. We need people stationed in the infield who go to their aid when this happens. We will review this at the Driver’s meeting on June 2nd.

A reminder to arrive with a charged transponder and with your karts prepared.

Our track rental is till 4 so we will make every effort to follow our race schedule which will be out before June 2nd.

We encourage all members to read the ASN regulations and AMKA sub regulations which can be found on our website.

Thanks for your cooperation.

AMKA Directors


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