Register for the 2019 AMKA Race Season

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2019 AMKA Registration Package

Welcome to AMKA Karting for 2019.
To get started follow the link below for registration forms to submit your registration for this season.
Please read the entire registration package.
Any questions can be directed to

As a reminder your application should include the following forms & documents which are available at

AMKA Membership & associate membership form included in registration package.
Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
AMKA Club Member Conduct form signed by team members, included in registration package.
Medical Self Declaration Form
ASN Medical Examination Form (required every 2 yrs starting at 50 yrs old or at request of club)
ASN Consent and Release by Parental/Guardian.(Not required if driver is 19 years of age or older) French version

Check your helmet. The minimum Snell for 2019 is an SA2010 or k2010. Follow this link for a complete list of acceptable helmets.

Registration Package:

AMKA Directors


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