Aug 17 Racing Update

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Hello again everyone,

We are continuing to work towards a reduced 2020 race schedule and updated Covid protocol. We are still waiting on approval of our latest schedule submission to Scotia Speedworld. We had hoped to have it approved this past weekend, but will let you know as soon as we get a green light. 
What we can tell you is that, at this point, we are now hoping for a Test and Tune as soon as  Aug 29th and a 5 race season with one drop. There have been many versions of the schedule to date. If you can believe it, our original schedule would have seen us running Race #8 this past Saturday. What a year!!

In the meantime, all of the registration and race day forms are on the Website.( If you are hoping to race this season, we please ask you to go online, fill these out and submit no later than Saturday August 22nd . You can submit payment once we have confirmed the season but, for now, it is crucial that we know we have the numbers to run a season. We will make a decision on whether to proceed based on the number of submitted registrations and will inform the membership on Sunday August 22nd, either way. 
To be clear, we fully appreciate that there may be members not yet comfortable, or able, to participate in a social activity like this during this time. These are unprecedented times. 
Like most sporting events at this time, there can be NO spectators. We understand that AMKA is based on a Family oriented model, but we have to make some tough decisions, at least for now. 
To make it simple, and for liability reasons, only paid members will be allowed through the gates for events. Each driver will be allowed two ‘paid’ associate members. (ie including the driver, each ‘Team’ will be a maximum of 3) We would ask that members do not try to bring additional people by asking a Team of 2 if they would ‘claim’ their extra person who wants to attend. We do not want members looking for loop holes. 
Please respect the intent of these guidelines.
Clarification: Associate membership has always been in the registration forms at AMKA and should be respected. It is a lesser fee than the driver, but is there for insurance and liability purposes. Only paid ‘Associate members’ are allowed in the ‘Hot Pit’ and ‘Grid Area’ at our events. All non-paid attendees are ‘spectators’.


These are mostly the same as outlined on last week’s email. As far as Face masks/shields are concerned, Scotia Speedworld has specified on their website that these need to be worn at ALL times at the track, unless you are wearing your race helmet. We have asked for further clarification on this, but we are expecting that it is pretty straight forward as written.

Also, we just learned there is a requirement that the washrooms be sanitized every hour during our events. We are waiting for clarification on this, as well, to make sure our plan is acceptable. The details to make the events successful and safe are a priority for us. We also know that SSW is assessing liability in the event someone gets sick. We would be lying if we said that getting all of this right is not stressful. 

So, again, please submit your registration forms. The sooner the better. If you have any questions, please contact us. In fact, if you have already decided you are not racing this season, please drop us a line. It would be very helpful to us.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience in this very strange time.

AMKA Directors


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