Minutes from 2020 AGM

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Year ending 2019 AMKA AGM

February 9, 2020

Location: Kartbahn Racing

  • Call to order at 1:05
  • Approval of the agenda
    • Approved by Bob
    • Seconded by Eric
  • Determine quorum
  • Reading of 2018 minutes
  • No new business arising from minutes.
  • Reading of Annual Directors report
  • Financial Report presented by Treasurer
  • $1000 donation to St John’s Ambulance

Approved by Bob

Seconded by Eric

  • Election of Directors
    • All directors are re-offering
      • Bob Doucette
      • Jim Williamson
      • Barry Nickerson
      • Charles Grosse
      • Eric Woolliscroft
      • We continue to encourage new/additional Directors
  • ASN as we’ve known it has folded. We do expect a replacement organization to form.
    • We may look to Stoneridge for insurance on our own.
    • Insurance is due on March, 31, 2020.
  • Development Track at AMP update by Jeff Martin and Andy Hill (AMP President)
    • The original location at the track has been deemed to require too much work.
    • Looking at the old RC track as an alternative.
    • A new track layout and business plan is are required.
    • 75-100% funding needed to break ground.
  • Promotions update
    • Looking to previous years sponsors to return and suggestions on new ones.
  • New Business
    • Discussed designating scale and tech as paid positions as is timing/scoring.
    • Scale position may also check the drop down bumpers
    • Hoping to provide consistency to these positions on race days
  • Suggested race day fees increase to $60 (single) and $100 (double) to cover cost of additional paid positions.
  • Motion moved by Richard Ramsay
    • Seconded by Barry Nickerson

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.