Update for Race 2

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Hello Teams!

A few things to let you all know before this Saturday’s Race#2:

Don Nickerson Memorial race

A HUGE apology to our members, but especially the Nickerson Family. The Directors take full responsibility for dropping the ball on this. We were so engaged with a multitude of details leading into the season, we failed to discuss that it was a trophy race. This is VERY embarrassing and there is ultimately no excuse for this. We created the schedule.

Trophies have been ordered and there will be a presentation to the drivers before the start of race #3 on June 18th.

Director Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that Dorothy Williamson, who handles all our timing duties on race day has filled a vacant Director position. It’s fantastic to have her on board working with the rest of the team to keep the club on the track. The skills and commitment she has shown the club the last number of years will only make us better.

Grid Manager

We are also happy to announce that Angela Shelley has jumped on board to manage the grid going forward. She did a wonderful job last Saturday and looks forward to helping improve the efficiency of our race days.

Race Registration reminder

First, registration is now open! Second, registration for races will close on Thursday 9pm before every event. Please do not miss this. Going forward, there will be no exceptions, so please do not ask. If you are not sure whether you will make a race, we suggest you register and pay. If you do not make the race, you will be credited for the next race.

Sponsorship help

We’ve been very fortunate over the past few seasons to have a group of amazing sponsors. They did a lot for the club, and for that we are very grateful. However, we find ourselves without any sponsors this season. Sponsorships do some heavy lifting for us. They pay for the trophies for the trophy races, end of season trophies, subsidize the Marshal costs and generally enable us to keep costs fairly constant for our members. We did have a major increase in track rental fees at SSW and with Insurance, which you have seen reflected in the race day fees this season.

So, we need your help. If you know of a business who might be willing to sponsor a trophy race, a Division…or even go as far as being the main series sponsor, please try. The information regarding the available sponsorships can be found on our website.If anyone has any questions, please reach out at directors@amka.ca