Race 2 Draw & Notes for the day

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Thank you to those that joined me this evening for the Live Draw. A couple of reminders.

  1. Helmets – Jeff will be checking all Junior helmets. Please bring to Driver’s Meeting
  2. Fire Extinguishers – Jeff will be checking all Masters fire extinguishers. Please bring to Driver’s Meeting.
  3. 7:45 Gates Open and set up has to happen FIRST. We ask for at least one person from every pit crew give us a hand with set up and take down at the end of the day. Also, please remember that these are the personal vehicles of our members. Try to use caution loading and unloading. Thank you!
  4. E-WAIVER – Important!!! Everyone needs to sign the e-waiver. Once you sign it you are set for the season now. Please make sure all your visitors sign the waiver as well.

Race #2 Line-upCadet

  1. Emmeline Strackerjan-62
  2. Freya Strackerjan-51
  3. Avery Huber-29


  1. Victoria Gietzen-19
  2. Lucas Veinotte-63
  3. Isaac Veinotte-66
  4. Jack Smith-13
  5. Peter Kays-93
  6. Colton Lively-123
  7. Logan Hanninen-237
  8. Raphi Barnes-226


  1. Evan Sullivan-344
  2. Ethan Patten-315
  3. Evan Huber-31
  4. Ben Israel-736
  5. Cashton Woolliscroft-338


  1. Eric Woolliscroft-435
  2. Kevin Stoneman-42
  3. Barry Nickerson-303
  4. Michelle Bland-22
  5. Lynn Woolliscroft-08
  6. Jason Weir-421
  7. Bradley White-33

LET’S RACE!!!!!!