Race #7 information

As you can tell from the VERY EXCITING post by Lucas, there has been a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes trying to get us on the new track before the end of the season. The upcoming event, August 20th, will take place on the new track located to the right of Exhibition Park (200 Prospect Road, Goodwood).
Obviously, our drivers need some time to learn the new track and get comfortable before we fly the green flag in competition. We do not have the flexibility to add dates in our schedule as we had hoped, so we are going to do the best we can with what dates we have left.
The plan is to split the day into two. First part of the day will essentially be a Test & Tune/Practice session. It should last approx 2 1/2 to 3 hours. We will take a break and then hold Race #7 (heats and Feature) in the afternoon. No track setup and tear down required. (woot woot!)
8:00- Teams arrive (Enter just past the Petro Canada and go to the right of the Exhibition Park building and through the gate). There will be direction as to how to park. Ideally, teams will be set up so that there is a paddock area with Don’s Kart Pit Stop accessible to everyone.
8:15- Mandatory Driver’s/Club meeting to discuss the day and track.
8:40- Mandatory track walk. This will be done by division, staggered, so that drivers can hear and ask questions.
9:15- Practice sessions begin.
12:45 – Pre-race Driver’s meeting and Racing begins
**Important things you need to know**
Gearing: Gearing is different from Scotia Speedworld. The baseline is +6 teeth on the back or -2 on the clutch gear. Barry has what we need in stock, so he’s the guy to talk to about what you need.
Waivers: Everyone attending will need to submit a new online waiver for the new track. Same drill as SSW. We will let you know when it is posted and available to fill in.
Rain: In the event of rain, we WILL be running. Obviously we are hopeful that our first experience will be dry running (and it looks good so far), but we now have the ability to run rain or shine.
For those not comfortable with running the competition portion of the day, we encourage you to come out and run the ‘Test & Tune’ in the morning. This will be $50 instead of $75. (However, we think once you get on this track, you won’t want to leave. )
There will be growing pains, so please be patient.
These season ending events are super important to get a feel for the track, work out some bugs, learn and help with planning for 2023.
This is extremely exciting for the club and for the sport of kart racing! It’s been a very long wait for a facility like this in Nova Scotia. We are extremely grateful to Lucas for making this dream a reality.
See you at the ‘new’ track!

Please use the following link to register for this event

With the new track a new Waiver will be needed for everyone to sign, please have this completed before arriving on site.